Jenny was born in New Jersey and raised in Virginia. Growing up she enjoyed performing live music videos of her favorite Beatles albums with her older sister. Jenny attended York County School of the Arts in high school and received her BFA in Theatre Performance from Virginia Commonwealth University. 


She has been living and working professionally as an puppeteer and actor in New York for seven years. Her infectious energy, rapier wit, fearless persona, adorably insane good looks (especially in any shade of purple) and modesty have kept her in demand since arriving in the Big Apple. Jenny's one weakness is her constant uncontrollable urge to eat cinnamon buns and funnel cake in unhealthy quantities.  It's both awesome and nauseating. 


When she is not consuming fattening pastries, performing shows or working on a project; she spends her time romanticizing over 1800s literature, performing Tennessee Williams monologues in her penguin fleece onesie, creating stop motion videos with her George Harrison action figure and making her husband laugh with one of her many random improvised songs. 


She's pretty cool. 


*Currently seeking representation. 

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 by Jenny Hann.