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J's teaching artist career started nearly ten years ago in Italy and Hong Kong where they ran theatre based workshops with ESL students. They have since shared their passion for puppetry and the visual arts with students of all ages at such New York City organizations as: Arts Connection, The Jim Henson Foundation, Museum of the Moving Image, Children’s Museum of Manhattan, Curated Care, JCC Manhattan and YM and YWHA of Washington Heights. They led many puppetry and arts based workshops via Zoom for private schools, families, community centers, and schools all over the world! 

They have also led professional development puppetry workshops for arts based instructors. 

Puppetry is a powerful vehicle for storytelling, as it exudes boundless creation. It can be used as a vessel to delight, to revolt, to challenge, and to unite. J ignites that power of puppetry in each and every one of their students.

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